Monday, May 12, 2008

Memory loss

Geriatric nursing can be so delightful and full of surprises. Each senior is different and has a story to tell. I had a pleasant elderly lady call me this week. If fact she has called me at least three times. She never remembers my name or that she has called me. She was concerned about the government being charged for protective undergarments when her insurance is paying for the supplies. I explained that this type of issue is handled by the Medicaid Fraud Unit and often takes an extended amount of time to complete an investigation. She continued on with her story and listed people she has talked to, she couldn't remember their names but knew they worked in the government. I continued to visit with her and asked her how I could help her. She wanted to know when she would be receiving a report about what was found out. I replied I was sorry, but that I do not work at the Medicaid Fraud Unit so do not know that information. I asked her if she was getting the supplies she needed and she said yes. I asked her if anyone was mistreating her she said oh no, of course not, she was just wondering about what had been done about the government being charged for the protective undergarments. We visited a little more. I thanked her for calling and said if I could be of assistance please call back. She thanked my for my time and for listening. I suppose I will get another call next month and my friend and I will visit again.

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