Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #15

Thirteen interesting nursing items from a 1916 nursing journal
1. The journal titled The Nurse dated February 1916
2. The journal cost $2.00 a year and 25 cents a copy
3. An article titled The graduate nurse and our alien exclusion laws.
4. Every Advertisement was guaranteed
5. Chr. Hansen's Junket Brand BUTTERMILK TABLETS ideal food for invalids and healthy people of all ages.
6. Questions by the Nurses' Examining Board of Vermont
7. The questions were listed under three categories; Practical Nursing & Dietetics, obstetrics, Materia Medica and Urinalysis
8. Invalid Danties by Riley M. Fletcher Berry
9. Advertisement for the The Chase Hospital Doll- description over 5 ft. tall made of finely woven stockinet, is durable waterproof and sanitary
10. Hospital methods illustrated: Hypodermoclysis - twenty engravings from photographs
11. The Role of the Visiting Nurse 'Keeping Up The District'
12. Philadelphia's Street Cleaning Nurse - In order that she may conduct her work most effectively, she has been legally empowered as a special police officer, which gives her the power of the law to make arrests when necessary.
13. An ad for Welsh's grape juice

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14

Soothing Holiday Loneliness:

1. Look in the eyes, touch the hand, smile, and call the person by name.

2. Take time to be with the individual even when completing procedures.

3. Listen to stories.

4. Honor traditions.

5. Create gifts.

6. Use holiday music from the person's cohort.

7. Decorate with period ornaments.

8. Hold a holiday dance.

9. Have some special treats from the individuals' differing backgrounds (rum cake, Baklava, etc.)

10. Adopt a grandchild programs for those who have no family in the area is a way to bring children back into the holidays.

11. Arrange for carolers to come in and sing.

12. Warm apple cider and hot chocolate always brings a smile.

13. Hang the stockings with care.

Memories are precious. Too many holidays go by in which the memories of past holidays haunt and create want. We have the power to make them better by taking care to treat each person with consideration while helping them create a fond memory of this holiday.

Thursday Thirteen

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #13

Thirteen ways to help residents in a dementia unit.
1. Play a selection of favorite resident Christmas carols.
2. Structure an activity of making simple Christmas ornaments.
3. Watch Christmas programming.
4. Tell Christmas stories.
5. Create a personal bulletin board decorated with family Christmas pictures.
6. Have a discussion about a resident's most memorable Christmas.
7. Try to schedule carolers to come to the facility.
8. Bake aromatic dishes  that will provide wonderful smells of Christmas such as gingerbread.
9. Make gingerbread houses, decorate cookies.
10. Hang stockings.
11. Read poetry such as "The night before Christmas."
12. Serve apple cider or mold wine.
13. Don't forget the mistletoe, fresh pine garland or have Christmas potpourri.

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