Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #13

Thirteen ways to help residents in a dementia unit.
1. Play a selection of favorite resident Christmas carols.
2. Structure an activity of making simple Christmas ornaments.
3. Watch Christmas programming.
4. Tell Christmas stories.
5. Create a personal bulletin board decorated with family Christmas pictures.
6. Have a discussion about a resident's most memorable Christmas.
7. Try to schedule carolers to come to the facility.
8. Bake aromatic dishes  that will provide wonderful smells of Christmas such as gingerbread.
9. Make gingerbread houses, decorate cookies.
10. Hang stockings.
11. Read poetry such as "The night before Christmas."
12. Serve apple cider or mold wine.
13. Don't forget the mistletoe, fresh pine garland or have Christmas potpourri.

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Paula said...

Wonderful list for any unit in a nursing home...thanks for sharing

Joyce said...

Those are wonderful suggestions. So many memories are linked to the sense of smell, I have heard.