Thursday, February 14, 2008

Protecting those who cannot protect themselves!

More and more we are hearing in the news abuse cases of vulnerable adults. How is vulnerable adult defined? A vulnerable adult is anyone who is limited in their ability to protect, provide or speak on their own behalf. An individual who is dependent on another person to provide the necessities of living. For the month of July we have been encouraged to wear purple ribbons to increase awareness for the prevention of abuse of vulnerable adults. If you know of abuse that is happening please call Adult Protective Services in your area. Sometimes to improve living conditions for another all it takes is that call.


Kimberley said...
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Kimberley said...

As an OB Nurse I can really appreciate this post because I find myself having to call Department of Children and Families services for infants who are born to women who do not have the capability to care for their infant. As a mother I find it difficult to think about being separated from my infant. As a nurse it is not our responsibility to determine if the environment is safe for the infant or not, we are just to provide information to the Department of Children and Families.