Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Definition of neglect

Wanted to pass along one of the many definitions of neglect. As professional nurses in long term care settings if you assess that a resident needs medical attention then get them to the hospital. Do not allow an administrator or family member to decline the services of an ambulance because they do not want the resident to go to the hospital. As a professional you can be held responsible for neglect when you do not advocate for the resident, especially when the facility's policies direct what action is to be taken. As a professional you are held to the regulations that operate in your state governing the operation of the facility and your nurse practice act including resident rights, and reporting requirements. Not knowing what the requirements are will not excuse you from legal and professional action when allegations of neglect are reported. You also can be held responsible if you fail to provide supervision to caregivers under your leadership and do not provide adequate training. Your best protection is knowing what your job description states, the facilities policies, your nurse practice act, regulations governing the type of facility for which you work and what must be reported to the state board of nursing.

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