Sunday, June 8, 2008

Always a Nurse

An interesting occurrence happened this evening about 5 pm a car stopped in front of our driveway and the passenger door opened. An elderly lady leaned her head over and proceeded to be sick. When I realized what was happening I picked up a towel damped it and took the towel out to her. I asked if she was having any chest pain and she replied no, she was just sick to her stomach. She said she had eaten some ice cream and thought that is what had made her sick. The driver appeared to be middle aged, maybe her daughter. After the lady seemed to be back in control she took the towel, wiped her face and thanked me for my kindness. I felt concerned for her. The contents on the drive appeared to have more than just ice cream and I was concerned she had gotten a hold of some contaminated tomatoes. However I didn't think to ask her if she had eaten any tomatoes. I hope she will be ok.

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