Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Edition #11

13 positive features of an Assisted Living
1. You are greeted within seconds of entering the facility in a professional manner.
2. The facility smells clean.
3. Residents are involved with their surroundings and not just sitting.
4. There is a posted Activity calendar and you observe activities in progress.
5. There is a suggestion box/complaint box.
6. There is a menu that is posted in large lettering for residents to read.
7. Staff in the facility are pleasant, do not appear rushed, smile and greet you.
8. Staff interacting with residents in a friendly, caring, professional manner.
9. The facility is decorated like a home, with appropriate lighting, well maintained.
10. There is presence of an administrator, staff are visible.
11. Meal service is organized, well delivered, attractive, appetizing.
12. The outside grounds of the facility are well tended and attractive.
13. Sounds in the facility should reflect a calm comfortable atmosphere, be pleasant and inviting.

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Kim said...

I can remember some of the nursing homes I did clinicals in smelled like a men's restroom. I have also given you a blog award at OB Nurse

Darla said...

These are all important things to look for in choosing a facility. Sadly, all facilities are not the same.

G N said...

I think it's true that assisted living facilities are much nicer than "homes," but unfortunately, they are often not affordable by many elderly Americans.