Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Edition #8

Fall Prevention 13 guidelines
1. Safe physical environment
clear walkways of obstruction
stable furniture
easy access to items a person regularly uses
good contrast lighting helps show details and gives cues to anyone moving in the
room, floors in good repair, use footwear that promotes safe walking
2. Address medication side effects - a pharmacy consultant can review and identify
medications with drug to drug interactions that can impact the risk for falls
3. Promote mobility - exercise routinely; research has demonstrated a positive effect of exercise on reducing fall risk and increasing flexibility
4. All wheelchairs and other assistive devices should be periodically evaluated to
check for loose bolts, worn wheels, and is the device still appropriate for the
5. The height of a bed, chair or toilet is crucial to safe standing, the correct
height facilitates rising by requiring less knee extension
6. Utilization of nonskid slipper socks or nonskid mat placed at the side of the bed
and/or toilet can reduce the likelihood of slipping
7. Securely fastened grab bars in the bathroom near the toilet and bathtub/shower
8. Schedule a yearly eye exam
9. Treatment of foot problems can decrease the risk of falling
10. Place a lamp next to the bed that is easy to turn on, have a night-light so you
can see where you're walking
11. Keep emergency numbers in large print near each phone
12. Slow down do not hurry, if the phone rings and they hang up, if it is important
they will call back.
13. Put a non-slip mat or self stick strips on the floor of the tub or shower

Thirteen Resources

1. "Falls in Older People" by Stephen R.Lord, Catherine Sherrington, Hylton Menz
2. e-Newsletter by Liz Taylor e-newsletter
3. "A Nursing Guide to the Prevention and Management of Falls in Geriatric Patients in Long-term Care Settings" by Deanna L.Gray-Miceli DNSc, Elizabeth Capezuti PhD, RN
4. National Institute on Aging
5. Prevent Falls
6. CDC's "What you can do to Prevent Falls" and "Home Safety Checklist" brochures for older adults
7. CDC Falls Prevention page
8. Center of Excellence for Fall Prevention
9. National Institute on Aging, AgePage: Preventing Falls and Fractures
10. The American Geriatrics society Guideline for the Prevention of Falls in Older Persons

11. Center for Healthy Aging Falls Free Electronic News
12. California Blueprint for Falls Prevention
13. National Safety Council

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Brenda ND said...

This is a good post. My friend's husband just fell and broke his hip. I'm going to pass along your web site suggestions.