Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I shouldn't be surprised at how different one nurse can be from another even though they work in the same industry Assisted Living. Nursing is like all professions, each professional determines how they will mold their career. I met a nurse today who has been a nurse for awhile however is new to the Assisted Living arena. She is very impressive and I believe will make wonderful contributions to the lives of the residents she serves. As I think about the qualities I observed about her I would say her sense of genuine caring was the hallmark. She thinks about what she is doing and how it will affect the whole community. When asked why she chose to do one thing a certain way rather than another her answer was immediate and her thought process was evident. I don't imagine she will do everything perfect, however look forward to working with her and perhaps learning a thing or two. Exposure to a new point of view is healthy.

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