Friday, February 27, 2009

Resident Rights

Some of the examples I have seen of resident right violations include; Residents being called sweetie, honey, babe, love. Residents have names and should be addressed by what they prefer to be called. Usually Mr. or Mrs. followed by their last name is appropriate. Residents should only be addressed by their first names if one is given permission to do so. Asking an individual how they prefer to be addressed establishes respect and provides dignity to the person. So many times residents have come to live in an assisted living because they have lost the ability to perform activities of daily living independently. Demonstrating kindness and respect only requires a bit of effort and time yet validates the individuals self worth and sense of dignity.

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Lisa Sneddon said...

You are so right on! Its important to show respect for our elders in any situation, but especially in one where they have lost some independence. However, if they want to call me sweetie or honey, I have no problem with that. :)