Saturday, May 30, 2009

Elder Abuse conference

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Elder Abuse Conference last week. There were several excellent speakers. The conference covered what constitutes abuse, how to recognize abuse, where to report abuse and some strategies to prevent abuse. Several case studies were shared and talked about how a perpetrator was able to swindle several thousand dollars out of unsuspecting elderly ladies in a senior mobile home park. One important point that was emphasized was to learn who your neighbors are or learn who the neighbors are of the elders you care about. Neighbors can be invaluable in terms of keeping an eye out and letting a family member know when when someone has been in the neighborhood that normally isn't. One of the attorney's that presented stated that had it not been for a neighbor who had written down the license plate number of the car of the perpetrator, the perpetrator may never have been caught and prosecuted.

I will include in the next several posts more information that was shared at the conference.
Have a great week.

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