Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taking belongings away violation of resident rights

An incident that I became aware of recently where caregivers had decided to remove a resident's belongings because he would make a mess of his room was disturbing. To take and with hold a person's belongings is a violation of their right to property. The caregivers needed to explore options that protected and ensured the resident's rights. Options possible could have included increased supervision, providing activities that interested the client, request a family member to visit during that particular time or exploration of why the resident was agitated and remove the cause. Did the agitation occur frequently or at the same time during the day or night? Did the resident need to be toileted, was the resident in pain, did the resident have gastric upset or was ill or possibly hunger? Putting residents in front of a television without monitoring what is being viewed could possibly be the problem. Residents with dementia lose the ability to process stimuli in the same manner that individuals who do not have dementia. Providing care to individuals with dementia is challenging because often they are unable to verbalize what is bothering them. Providing a safe environment with a high quality of life requires all the skills of observation, reasoning and critical thinking of the caregivers.

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